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ClimateMaster, Water Source Heat Pumps

Oklahoma City based ClimateMaster, Inc. celebrates over 50 years in the water-source heat pump (WSHP) industry as the largest manufacturer of water-source heat pump heating and cooling systems. ClimateMaster, a subsidiary of LSB Industries, emerged from the marriage of several water-source heat pump companies including California Heat Pump and Friedrich ClimateMaster. Blending those strengths into a focused organization, ClimateMaster transformed a simple concept into the most advanced water-source and geothermal heating and cooling systems available today for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Today, the man at ClimateMaster's helm is President Dan Ellis. He has been active with water-source heat pump technology since 1978. Beginning at the contracting and wholesale distribution levels, he was one of the pioneers of closed-loop geothermal heat pump applications in Northern climates. In 1983, Ellis co-founded WaterFurnace International, Inc., where he was instrumental in the organization's growth until his departure in 1995 as the company's President and CEO. Mr. Ellis then joined ClimateMaster and succeeded as president in 2000. His technical contributions to the industry included the development of residential energy analysis and system design software, design procedures for commercial geothermal systems, and development of the industry's first line of advanced technology water-source heat pumps.

Recently, Mr. Ellis was appointed Chairman of subcommittee TC86/SC6 within the International Standards Organization (ISO), which is responsible for air-conditioner and heat pumps standards. He is also convenor of an ISO working group that has established two international standards for water-source heat pumps. Advancing water-source heat pump technology, ClimateMaster continues to develop new products with one of the industry's most talented design and manufacturing teams. With the knowledge that a company is only as good as the people who support it - our people are at the heart of ClimateMaster. Through the years, the leadership, staff and customers continue to create, work and believe in ClimateMaster.

Product ingenuity, tenacity and faith--now that's worth celebrating.